Find Connection & Compassion

Clarity amid a World of Chaos

Psychotherapy & Counselling based in the Southern Suburbs of Brisbane, Australia

Alone in the darkness the silence is deafening.

You are surviving, yet deep within there is a silent suffering that no one can see.

No one can see the emptiness within, as you mask the abyss of loneliness.

No one knows the chasm of confusion and overwhelm.

No one understands the elusive spiral of self-criticism, self-doubt, and self-blame; of never-enough-ness or of always-too-much-ness. 

This is your hidden heartache of seeking and never quite finding the ‘something’ that will explain the pain.

A hidden heartache we might deem to be ambiguous trauma; a lost sense of Self that has emerged from a lifetime of emotional turmoil and neglect.

Right in this moment, I want you to know you are no longer alone in this silence.

Welcome, my name is Chele, and I offer psychotherapy for Burnout & Trauma.

As a therapist registered with PACFA it is my aspiration to offer you the support you need right now. The knowledge that even in these moments of confusion and overwhelm, or of hopelessness and helplessness there are answers; together there is a way to find
clarity amidst a world of chaos.

I am based on Brisbane’s Southside in Sunny Queensland, Australia and offer face-to-face psychotherapy & counselling based in an interpersonal relational approach.

This is an approach where I join with you in a journey toward reconnecting you with your sense of Self (identity-significance), Others (relationship-communication), and with the World that surrounds you (meaning-purpose).

This may just be the Connection, Compassion, and the Clarity you need to move toward a life of joyous wonder...

This offering may be for you if you know what it is like to be unseen, unheard, unknown, or continually misunderstood.

This connection may be for you if you know what it is like to feel burnt-out, worn-out, completely disorientated from any sense of who you once were.

This offering may be for you if you know what it is like to exist in a world that does not seem to appreciate the rich complexities of your life.

Or this connection may be for you if you know the turmoil of hiding in plain sight; the confusion of doing all that you can simply to feel a sense of belonging.

If you are here, my guess is there are parts of you seeking to make sense of the embodied emptiness or pain you feel; that there are parts of you that long for the turmoil you feel to be seen and acknowledged for what it is; parts of you that desire connection to life of meaning and significance.

And so, right in this moment I want to offer you this:
all that you feel is real, and it matters.
You matter.

You see, what you are sensing could be given the name Ambiguous Trauma: the lasting effects of living a life filled with a certain sense of disconnection, dysregulation, disassociation, or disintegration.

It is the ambiguous nature of the discord that that makes this suffering so hidden.

For the most part we do not even know that we are living a life sacrificing our authentic sense of Self; unaware that there was no choice but to conceal and mask the parts of us that risked getting the connection and protection we needed to survive.

Instead, and perhaps without even knowing it, we learn that to survive we need to be or act in a certain manner. Parts of us adapting in ways that allowed us to show up and be seen, heard, understood, accepted, valued, and even delighted in.

And it becomes truly exhausting.

We burn-out from trying to mask who we truly are.

We shut-down from the pressures of having to hide our own needs.

We begin to convince ourselves that we are not feeling the way that we are feeling, we disconnect from the parts of ourselves that are vulnerable and in destress.

Until we cannot stand suffering in silence any longer.

My guess is that, even as you read you wonder how you might escape this seemingly never-ending cycle of ambiguous suffering?

And this is my aspiration as a therapist: to be with beautiful humans such as yourself as you move from this seemingly never-ending cycle of disintegration and toward an integrated sense of Self in authenticity and aliveness.

I will empower you with
connection, compassion, and coherence.