Resume Of Chele Yntema


Curriculum Vitae Of Chele Yntema

As a proficient therapist Chele has worked personally and professionally in extending her passion for Complex & Developmental Trauma and its ongoing impact on children, youth, and families.  This passion has to her deep appreciation for all aspects of humanity and indeed a deeply felt desire to empower her clients and bring forth generational change.

As such, Chele has established and works from a compassion focussed framework evidenced through theories of attachment, intrapersonal & interpersonal dynamics, humanism, and biopsychosocial connection.  These theories are integrated and underpinned by comprehensive knowledge of interpersonal & affective neurobiology.

Chele is looking forward to the next phase of her journey – growing within varied professional environments whilst developing practice proficiency and embodied authenticity as a therapist.


Young Carer Counsellor
Wellways Carer Gateway

2021 – 2023
Priceless Life

2018 – 2020
Manager and Content Creator
The BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation

2017 – 2018
Celia Roberts & Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute

2017- 2018
Road Safety Education Limited

2011- 2016
Writer & Virtual Assistant
GIGI, Roxolution, & NitroFit
EstherEspinoza, Roxanne Flanagan, & Pamela Robertson

2008 – 2010
Marketing Co-Ordinator
SPACE Property Agents

2004 – 2008
Sales Consultant
Metro Tiles Corporate office

1999 – 2004
Waitress and Barista
Multiple Locations within Brisbane’s CBD


Ongoing Professional Development
BlueKnot Complex Trauma Three Phased Treatment
ACT with Dr Russ Harris
Suicide Prevention
Trauma Informed Practice
EFT / Attachment Theory in Practice
Right Use of Power – The Ethics of Power
Child & Adolescence Development Training
Working with Teens – A Toolbox of Strategies
Assessing Family Dynamics
Interpersonal Neurobiology
Non-Violent Communication
Sarah Peyton’s Neurobiology and Resonance Series

2020 – 2022
Bachelor of Counselling
Christian Heritage College

2013 – 2016
Diploma of Counselling
Christian Heritage College

Certificate 3 in Education Support
Australian College

2002 – 2003
Diploma Arts (Interior Decoration)
Commercial Arts Training College

1995 – 1999
High School Certification
Calvary Christian College

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Vital Skills

Working with Vulnerable Persons – inclusive of children, adolescents, young adults, (5-25), as well as parents & carers

Trauma Informed Practice – inclusive of working with DVF, & Complex / Developmental / Attchment Trauma

Understanding & Utilisation of – Attachment Theory; Interpersonal & Affective Neurobiology; Polyvagal Theory; Internal Family Systems & Family Systems Therapy; Compassion Focused Therapy; ACT, EFT, CBT, SFT, DBT; Creative/expressive Therapies

Reflective Practice – inclusive of external supervision and an adept understanding of the impact of transference & countertransference

Application Knowledge

Stakeholder Relationship Maintenance
Effective Stakeholder Liaison
Adept Interpersonal Communication
Detailed & Thorougher Case Notes
Case Conceptualisation & Case Reports
Proficiency in case load and diary management
Effective Time Management
Microsoft Office Suite
Abiding by Organisational Policies & Proceedures
Online Client Management Systems

Ethical Practice (PACFA & Organisational) – inclusive of self-care and ongoing professional & personal development

Areas of Study & Counselling Proficiency

Reflective Practice: Personal Practice Framework
Reflective Practice: The Therapeutic Relationship
Reflective Practice: External Contexts
Reflective Practice: Consolidating Foundations
Foundational Interpersonal Skills
Advanced Interpersonal Counselling Skills
Consolidating Interpersonal Counselling Skills
Group Processes
The Person of the Practitioner
Introduction to Psychology/Human Behaviour
Introduction to Society/Human Services
Development Throughout the Lifespan
Counselling Approaches/Schools of Counselling
Major Issues in Counselling
Trauma, Grief, and Loss Counselling
Psychological Disorders, Assessment, & EB Practice
Christianity & Worldview Foundations (x3)

Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity
Ethics & Professional Issues in Counselling
Academic & Professional Communication

Additional Studies Undertaken
BlueKnot Complex Trauma Three Phased Approach
Assessing Family Dynamics (Workshop)
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (Workshop)
Emotionally Focused Therapy (Workshop)
Child & Adolescent Counselling Skills (Workshop)
Suicide & Self Harm in Adolescence (Workshop)
The Right Use of Power (Workshop)
Biopsychosocial Health Psychology (ACAP)
Positive Psychology (ACAP)
Conflict Resolution (ACAP)
Interpersonal Neurobiology
Non-Violent Communication
Mindfulness and Meditation
Food-Mood Connectivity

Details of Professional Experience

Wellways Carer Gateway
Young Carer Counsellor

Stemming from a heart and justice-based value for children, youth, and parenting in combination with my growing desire to understand the complexities of developmental trauma, mental illness, and/or neurodiversity as they intermediate with family dynamics and intergenerational trauma, I undertook a role at Wellways as a Young Carers Counsellor within the Australian Government Program – Carer Gateway.  It is my role and certainly my honour to provide counselling to identified young carers (5-25) as well as adult carers where required.

Within this position I quicky began recognising the lasting impacts of the caring role over lifespan development – this deeply resonating with my passion for attachment and family dynamics and the manner by which we learn to cope with adversity.  This recognition allowing me to continue to cultivate and refine my skills in:

  • Working with children & adolescents and their parents in conceptualising and working with presenting concerns as well as underlying issues.
  • Working with young adults as they leave their home environment and begin to recognise the impacts their family dynamic has had on their identity.
  • Working with siblings and parents/grandparents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders including & not limited to:
    • Developmental trauma/CPTSD
    • Conduct and/or communication disorders
    • Schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Intellectual and/or motor disability
  • Developing and maintaining therapeutic relationships that focus on a commitment to trauma-informed diverse and inclusive practice based in human rights and universal needs.
  • Primary interventions based in the paramount need for young carers to have a safe meaningful interaction that opens space for the emergence of an internal sense trust in the Self as resonantly seen, heard, understood, accepted, valued, and delighted in. For example, facilitation of Self-concept, Self-efficacy, Self-esteem, and Self-expression.
  • Applications of trauma-informed therapy including, yet not limited to, co-regulation, containment, compassion, collaboration, and creating coherent narratives (sense-making).
  • Applications of psychoeducation and explorations of attachment, power dynamics, communication patterns, boundaries, system influence, and the like.
  • Assessing and monitoring well-being through evidence-based measures including DASS, risk assessment, safety planning, and client feedback.
  • Client contact between sessions / follow up when necessary.
  • Case conceptualisation & application.
  • Calendar & case note management.
  • Understanding organisation structure & process.
  • Commitment to Ongoing Supervision & Reflective Practices.
  • Ethical & Professional standards


August 2021 – August 2023
Priceless House

I was initially drawn to Priceless House due to the organisations foundational mission to accompany women through pregnancy in difficult circumstances – this deeply resonated with my value of integrated services and empowering women through autonomous choice.  I was accepted for placement and began my journey with Priceless House in 2021 and soon realised that this organisation was far more than offering access to pregnancy support.  Indeed, within my time with Priceless House I have come to understand the deep nature of the organisation and their undertaking to accompany women not only through pregnancy, so too through the first year of motherhood.  I have been blessed to journey with many women ranging from ages 19-38 who have come to Priceless House for help in navigating the many stages of their pregnancy or parenting journey.  Within this experience I have continued to cultivate my skills in:

  • Developing and maintaining therapeutic relationships that focus on a commitment to diverse and inclusive practice
  • Interventions based on human rights, safety, compassion, and motivated collaboration.
  • Applications of trauma informed therapy – including crisis, developmental, intergenerational trauma; DFV; risk and safety awareness and planning; grief and loss.
  • Applications of psychoeducation and explorations of attachment, power dynamics, communication patterns, boundaries, system influence, and the like.
  • Group Processes – the opportunity to co-facilitate of Circle of Security Group Programme.
  • Client contact between sessions / follow up when necessary
  • Case conceptualisation and application
  • Case Note management & Case Presentations within staff meetings
  • Understanding organisation structure and process
  • Commitment to Ongoing Supervision and Reflective Practices
  • Ethical and Professional standards


September 2018 – June 2020
The BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation by Celia Roberts
Manager and Content Creator

Content Creator

As content creator I was afforded the opportunity to utilise existing research, understanding, and the immeasurable practice wisdom Celia presented from her 20 years of experience alongside my own grounding in research of the neurobiology of lifestyle medicine, to restructure, recreate, and rewrite the content on offer at The BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation.  This included in depth analysis of the evidence for traditional practices of yoga and meditation.  Such analysis included providing evidence and understanding of Yoga and Meditation for Lifestyle Medicine, Personalized BioMedical Yoga for specified psychobiological ailments, as well as the following specialised evidence-informed and neurobiological explanations for:

  • Meditation & Mind Body Medicine.
  • Kundalini Yoga Therapy.
  • Food-Mood Yoga and Meditation Therapy.
  • Integrative Restoration Practices: Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga.
  • Trauma Informed Yoga and Meditation.


Over the 22 months I worked for BIYOME as manager, I was privileged to utilize my existing skills whilst also gaining a new level of knowledge in creating administration systems and working within WordPress.  My duties included, yet were not limited to:

  • Managing student online learning accounts including course materials and assessment items
  • Managing financial flow from students including invoicing, monthly aged receivables, and overdue accounts
  • Managing & including updating site pages, blog posts, and liaising with the website designer in maintaining updates and changes
  • Managing and updating external sites including Vimeo, YouTube, Google for Business, Google Suite emails, as well as Yoga Australia & Meditation Australia platforms when needed
  • Organising face-to-face teacher training, specialty intensive training, and retreat timetables including liaising with senior yoga teachers and yoga therapists, university lecturers, psychologists and social workers, and physiotherapists, as well as managing enrolments, sending welcome and follow up emails
  • Creating weekly newsletters and maintaining the company database
  • Receiving and responding to student emails
  • All other ad hoc duties as requested.


July 2017- September 2018
Celia Roberts & Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute

Initially beginning with Celia as a blog ghostwriter, my work has expanded to multiple administration and organizational duties as well as managing and updating  Albeit mostly volunteer work, I find immense enjoyment assisting in writing integrative articles and supporting Celia in bringing her clients the most up to date easily accessible information.  Moreover, mid 2018 brought the opportunity to work in the same capacity for Celia’s parent company YIMI.  My current position at YIMI involves updating course manuals and assisting in the creation of multiple choice test questions and reflective activities.


March 2017- January 2018
Road Safety Education Limited

RYDA is a series of practical and powerful workshops for high school students that challenge students to change the way they think about road safety and lay the foundation for safe road use throughout their lives.


2011- 2016
Various Companies

Freelance Writer & Virtual Assistant
 Passionate about change, I contributed to articles within youth magazines, health and fitness sites, as well as a geology site.  Through this work I ascertained self-management skills as well as the ability to transform my writing for a variety of audiences.  Specifically, my position involved:
* Researching topics and writing inspirational and informative articles for GIGI, Little Miss GIGI, Forever Woman, Roxolution/GeoEpok, as well as NitroFit;
* Creating and sending a monthly newsletter to subscribers;
* Creating and sending promotional material to subscribers;


2008 – 2010 (Resigning for maternity leave)
SPACE Property Agents

Marketing Coordinator
I was responsible for organising the marketing requirements for approximately eight real estate agents. During this time I realised many aspects of myself both personally and professionally, I accomplished and learnt many new skills including:
* Developing a proficiency in organisation and time management;
* Building rapport with suppliers and promotional providers;
* Taking on board the responsibility for weekly advertising deadlines, urgent marketing requirements and requests, management of emails, as well as assignment projects and new marketing developments;
* Invoicing advertising to clients and receiving payments in QuickBooks;
* Handling the agent’s listings and personal promotional material;


2004 – 2008
Metro Tiles Corporate office

Sales Consultant
Metro Tiles gave me the opportunity to:
* Advance the skills I learnt at College and adapt them into both the domestic and commercial design industry;
* Extend my design ideas and put into practice the skills I took from my diploma;
* Sharpen my creativity and become adept in creating diverse designs;
* Liaise with customers and regular clients to create innovative interior solutions;
* Create a rapport with many international suppliers.


1999 – 2004

Waitress and Barista
Over the years, I was a waitress I became adept in customer service skills, which I still use to this day in many applications.


Written References available via LinkedIn

Julian Schokman AMSHW | Director of Julian Schokman Consulting

Adam Campbell | QLD Service Manager Carer Gateway (2020-2023)

Liz Preston | Counselling Manager Priceless Life

Luchi Miranda | Service Coordinator Priceless Life

Celia Roberts | Owner BIYOME

Roxanne Flanagan | Roxolution

Trish Landsberger | Kyabra Community Association

Esther Espinoza | Co Creator and Owner of GIGI Magazine

Dianna Robertson | Director, TPJ International Pty Ltd