Choices, Choices, Choices…

Reading an article yesterday, and today as I came to start writing about meditation  (the what, the why, the science, and the how)  I can’t help to think about the precious gift we have been given in the ability to choose.

To me choices are an endowment of autonomy; and yes sometimes it is hard and sometimes there are fights happening within my soul that almost leave me paralysed!

Yet at the same time, I have come to realise that knowing my identity and having sincere integrity, understanding why I am who I am, and knowing what my deepest hearts intentions are allows me to see life as it unfolds moment by moment. And it is in this moment by moment unfolding that I come to find that although life sometimes does force hard choices upon us, with a flexible, compassionate, and grounded knowledge in holistic wellbeing outcomes seemingly shift into what feels like a Devine universal alignment.

“… [life] forces us to make choices. Choices based on fear and other limited perspectives often lead to more suffering, whereas those based on knowledge and hope have often been found to lead to healing.

These choices that facilitate mind body healing may involve seeking greater inner alignment and harmony, changing a destructive emotional or thought pattern, relinquishing resentment, letting go of childhood hurts, and coming to terms with other difficult aspects of one’s past….”

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