I’ve had a bit of an anxiety stirring week, many things not “going my way” – yet as I put some of my anxieties aside and had coffee and a chat with a close friend I realised that even in the mess and chaos, even in my self doubt and internal turmoil, there was still the opportunity to see hope in everyday miracles.

Small things, like the glint of happiness in a friends eyes; the beauty of the thought that something so common as concrete is actually so complex and multidimensional; or how there is an inherent beauty just laying in want within us all… if only we choose to look ❤️🌈🌻

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Welcome, my name is Chele, I am a therapist primarily specialising in Trauma &  Burnout.
As a psychotherapist & PACFA registered Counsellor I work individually with beautiful humans such as yourself who feel alone, lost, confused, & overwhelmed; those of you who are longing for something different.

As such, I offer my knowledge, skills, and inherent gifts with ears that listen to hear, and a heart open to receive who you are, no matter the suffering you bring; to support you in an exploration of how your past has impacted you and the ways that shows up presently. Together we will rediscover your hope and your sense of Self; we will reconnect you to what matters reclaiming the joy and delight in life you so deserve. I welcome you to view my services or connect with me to explore how I can assist you in your journey.

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